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CNG Kit injector,

CNG Kit injectors ,

CNG kit injectors, EG2000,   are high-quality piston type HANA injectors. They are versatile and OEM quality designed for very long life and can be mounted as a single assembly injector or inline in a rail and are resistant to impurities in gas.

The CNG Kit injectors play a very vital role in the performance of the CNG Kit as the fuel (CNG) is delivered to each engine cylinder by them as per the injection pulses sent by the ECU of the CNG Kit. Faster the Gas injector response, better the performance of the car while running on LPG or CNG Kit.

CNG Kit injectors,  EG2000 are independent injectors made for heavy duty OE application and also ideal for aftermarket where quality required is premium. Installing of good quality injectors ensure that the calibration of the CNG kit is precise and helps to match the fuel trims of Petrol and CNG ensuring that there are no check engine lights in dashboard due to a lean or rich mixture in the vehicle.

Technical Specs :-

  • Static flow rate, nozzle diameter 3 mm (at 1,2 bar): 100 l/min
  • Opening time: < 2,1 ms
  • Closing time: < 1,3 ms
  • Coil resistance:  1.9 ±5% Ω
  • 3 calibrated nozzle sizes 1,9 mm; 2,1 mm; 2,4 mm

The EG 2000 are the very quite injectors and have a very fast opening and closing times. The closing time of 1.3 ms is almost half to that of the normal solenoid based injectors and a high flow rate of 100l/min which makes them an ideal choice for high performance from CNG vehicles. These are virtually maintenance free injectors and last almost the life of the vehicle. It’s advisable to use high-quality SPINNER Gas Filter along with these injectors for prevention of dirt getting accumulated in the Injectors.