EVO CNG Basico CNG Sequential Kit


EVO CNG BASICO  Sequential CNG Kit is an innovative solution for modern  BS-III / BS-IV / OBD cars. This system combines top performance with fast installation. Easily one of the best selling Sequential CNG kit owing to its exceptional Price to Quality ratio. The compact size of the ECU makes it suitable for a vast majority of vehicles.

The system is suitable for 3 / 4 cylinder engined vehicles and meets stringent emission norms around the world.   All components of the EVO CNG BASICO Sequential CNG  kit are high quality and tested, meet ISO:15500 norms  & ISO:9001 certifications.  Equipped with a very reliable 2-stage Bigas RI27J CNG reducer, EG  BASICO ECU &  RAILGAS injectors,  the system has extremely simplified installation process with a minimum number of wires and a very userfriendly intuitive system calibration to deliver excellent performance and drivability from the vehicle.

The EVO CNG Basico Sequential CNG Kit ECU can be calibrated and using state of art software which is similar to the Superior and Avance CNG kit software. It opens in two versions, i.e Basic as well as an expert version for a perfect optimisation of the car on CNG.

The system supports connectivity to the EG Movi App and can also be connected via Bluetooth or WiFi for a multiple platform access.