JLM Valve Saver Kit

Running a car on LPG or CNG kit has it’s obvious economic and ecological advantages. However prolonged use of CNG or LPG can cause a recession and excessive wear to Inlet & Exhaust Valves or valve seats of the car’s engine due to increased heat on combustion of these fuels and reduced presence of carbon deposits on engine moving parts in these otherwise clean fuels.

In order to avoid huge maintenance costs later on, it’s advisable to use a JLM Valve Saver kit, world’s first TUV Rhineland & HTW (a German testing university) certified Valve Saver kit which helps protect the engine from recession of valves and valve seats by feeding a specially formulated additive drop by drop to the engine forming  a protective layer over the upper cylinder moving parts and thus reducing their wear and tear and lowering the combustion temperature.


  • Cleans injectors & fuel systems.
  • Protects against excessive wear on inlet & exhaust valves & valve seats.
  • Improves fuel economy.
  • Lubricates upper cylinder area.
  • Increases engine life, improves engine performance
  • Keeps engine running  smooth.

JLM VALVE SAVER KIT :-  The JLM Valve Saver Kit comes with a 400ML reservoir with a fluid adjuster wherein one can control the number of lubricant drops fed to the engine for a precise dosage.  The JLM valve saver lubricant is fed to the intake manifold of the car upstream from the throttle body based upon the vacuum in the engine. When the JLM Valve Saver Kit reservoir gets low on the level,  the LED light installed in dashboard comes up to warn the driver.


One litre of JLM specially formulated Valve Saver fluid can be used to treat a drive of  12000 – 15000 KM’s.   Refills are available in packing of 1 ltr / 5 ltr or 20 ltrs.

For a longer engine life on CNG and LPG driven cars, a combination of an OBD2 equipped CNG kit / ECU and coupled with JLM  Valve Saver kit can greatly reduce the damage to the engine caused by un-metered fuel dosage by conventional or normal sequential CNG kits.

(Made in Netherlands)

I’ve been using JLM in my own as well as many of my customers CNG / LPG driven cars. Cars installed with JLM simply dont come to me with any problems specially no engine damage in any of the car even after 1.5 lac kms compared to non valve saver equipped cars which normally have a valve issue sometime or the other. Would highly recommend JLM in all CNG / LPG installations. It’s a protection you can trust !
Rahul Mirajkar, Mirajkar Automobiles