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CNG Kit OBD2 ECU  Avance  is a smart powerpacked CNG ECU  built with latest generation hardware and fast processing chip working under  real time operating system suitable for modern cars upto 4 cylinders engines.

This CNG Kit OBD2 ECU is ideal for all cars sold in India after 1st April 2013 and  equipped with OBDII protocol. Even some earlier model cars before 2013 had this feaure by some car manufacturers in India.

This CNG Kit OBD2 ECU  calibrates the CNG driven cars maintaining  a stoichometric Gas/Air ratio avoiding CHECK ENGINE lights while car is running on CNG as the system has the ability to display and match the fuel trims from the car’s Petrol ECU with that on CNG.

The CNG Kit OBD2 ECU  allows the gas coming from CNG Reducer to be fed to CNG Injectors and thereafter controls the Gas injection times based on the Petrol ECU parameters and various sensors installed in the engine.

This delivers higher engine life, optimum mileage and lower maintenance of the vehicle and guarantees  smooth performance from the vehicle.

The CNG Kit OBD2 ECU Avance 32 has a built in OBD2 scanner to diagnose the car for any errors and can erase the same from the software. This helps in easy diagnosis of the car for any problems even on petrol.  The  Avance ECU has an feature to advance the injection order timing for better performance and higher mileage while running on CNG.