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Avance OBD2 CNG Sequential Kit


EVO CNG AVANCE OBD2 CNG Sequential Kit is the most advanced CNG kit for all new generation modern cars enabled with OBDII protocol from the car manufacturers. In India, this is available as default in all cars manufactured since 1st April 2013 and prior to this was offered by select car manufacturers /car models. The EVO CNG AVANCE OBD2 CNG Sequential Kit is a perfect blend of a very heavy duty OEM 2 stage CNG reducer and state of art CNG OBD2 ECU which works under control of real time operating system. Processing time requirements are measured in tenths of a second or even shorter. In all a very powerful system, yet compact in size, easy to calibrate,  offering great performance and reliability.</5>

EVO Avance OBD2 CNG Sequential Kit Salient Features:-
  • Heavy duty, 2 stage, brass body, OEM quality BIGAS RI27J Italian CNG  reducer.
  • RAILGAS 2-ohm / 3-ohm Fast Opening & Closing injectors.
  • EVO CNG Avance OBD2 Sequential CNG kit enables introducing gas injection time corrections according to fuel trim parameters read from OBD (K-line and CAN type protocols supported).
  • Fuel Pump Protection circuit
  • Upgraded algorithm of system self-adaptation during the drive.
  • Avance OBD2 Sequential CNG kit comes with the feature of OBD2 errors erasing. Shows car OBD parameters in Graphs / GUI for better calibration of the car by the installer.
  • Simplified step-by-step configuration wizard.
  • Very easy installation and configuration of the device thanks to simplified, user-friendly software with new, improved auto calibration and RPM signal auto detection. (now signal can be taken directly from petrol injector plug – no need to connect RPM wires)
  • Possibility of automated system auto calibration by a single pressing of the switch button.
  • Advancement by injection order possible on CNG to improve performance of the vehicle while running on CNG kit
Warranty of the EVO CNG Avance Obd2 CNG Sequential kit : 2 years or 65000 km including electronics.