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CNG Injector Rail  is a Piston type,  classic construction LPG/CNG injection rail. Its inner metal , rubber elements and piston stroke have all  been matched to  ensure quick and stable injection opening and closing time on higher gas pressure values. It is available in 2 versions equipped with 2 Ohm or 3 Ohm coils having 2-way Amp/Delphi type built-in watertight connector.

CNG Injector Rail , Railgas body is made of extruded black anodized aluminum. All metal elements have been made on high precision new CNC machinery, which ensures high repeatability of each injection rail part. High quality FPM and NBR inner components  guarantee high durability in long-lasting contact with gaseous LPG or CNG.

The CNG Kit injectors play a very vital role in performance of the CNG Kit as the fuel (CNG) is delivered to each engine cylinder by them as per the injection pulses sent by the ECU of the CNG Kit. Faster the injector response, better the performance of the car  while running on LPG or CNG Kit.

Injection rail construction ensures good access to its internal components. It is possible to conduct service maintenance with dedicated service tools and repair sets at EVO authorised centres.

  • Static flow rate, nozzle diameter 3 mm (at 1,2 bar)  100 ÷ 110 [l/min]

  • Opening time ∼2,7 [ms] ∼3,15[ms]

  • Closing time  ∼2,4 [ms] ∼2,4[ms]

  • Coil resistance 2,0 ±5% [Ω]  3,0 ±5% [Ω]

  • ECE-R67-01 & R110 homologated.