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EVO CNG RI27J, Sequential CNG Kit Reducer, is the most reliable CNG Kit reducer, made of brass with piston and membrane technology to achieve best possible vaporisation of gas in any environmental condition.

The Sequential CNG Kit reducer also is known as a pressure regulator is a high-pressure device and one of the most important parts of the Sequential CNG Kit. It reduces the pressure of the CNG which is stored in the tank  at 200 bars   bringing it  down to 2 bars and feeds to the Gas injectors which can then inject the gas / CNG into the specific engine cylinder as per the command from the ECU of the kit following a sequence as followed by the Petrol system.  The Evo CNG reducer has two pressure chambers wherein the Gas pressure is reduced from 200 bars to 20 bars and from 20 to 2 bars respectively.  Owing to its design and computer aided manufacturing process, this reducer ensures study output pressure which ensures good performance, higher mileage and aids easy calibration of the CNG Sequential kit compared with the competition.

The Evo CNG Sequential Kit reducer is a unique design made of high-quality raw material. The product has a long service life and made at Bigas International Autogas Systems plant in Florence, Italy. The plant is audited by iCAT  and validated in India for COP (Conformity of Production) as per AIS:037.  This CNG reducer is exported and well received in many International markets.

 The reducer comes with a two-year warranty.

 (Salient Technical  Features)

  • 2 stage Reducer.

  • Heavy Duty Solenoid Valve directly built into reducer body.

  • Built in filter and safety valve.

  • Compact size for easy installations even in small engine compartments.

  • Suits cars upto 300 KW (407 HP).

  • Integrated temperature sensor.

  • Mounting of  CNG Manometer for level indication.

  • Max Flow rate of 74 kg/hour.

  • ISO:15500, AIS 037 certified. 

Made in Italy