How The LPG Kit Works

LPG Kits

How Sequential LPG Kits Work

Autogas or LPG is stored in the LPG tank ( Toroidal or Cylindrical )  in a liquid state at a pressure of about 20 bars.  Multivalve installed in the tank allows only 80% of the tank capacity to be filled and also acts as a safety valve.  A  high-pressure hose carries the gas to the reducer where its pressure is reduced. The LPG reducer lowers the pressure of LPG to 1 bar changing the liquid LPG to vapor form by circulating the engine coolant. The gas is injected in a sequence via the LPG injectors to each cylinder of the engine by applying a multiplier as calibrated by the programmable LPG kit ECU.  The changeover from Petrol to LPG is smooth and is controlled by the switch installed in the dashboard. The switch also shows the level of LPG in the tank. When the LPG tank runs out of fuel the car changes back to Petrol instantly.

Choose from three variants of sequential LPG Kits below depending upon your car type:-


Sequential Gas Injection Kit with OBDII


Sequential Gas Injection Kit 


Liquid Phase Direct Injection Kits