CNG /LPG are safer than Petrol& Diesel.
CNG is lighter than Air – dissipates quickly in atmosphere hence there are very fewer chances of it igniting, making it one of  the safe fuels available in modern times.
CNG has high ignition temperatures compared to Petrol & Diesel – does not ignite with engine heat as is the case with Petrol or Diesel making it safe fuels.
CNG cylinders are made of robust seamless steel tubes and made to sustain high pressures up to 350 bars . Likewise, LPG tanks are very tough are fitted with fool proof safety/Multivalves which evacuate fuel to the atmosphere in case of impact.
EVO CNG  or LPG kits are easily the most advanced and safe conversion kits available in the market with quality products, weatherproof wiring, and plug and play harnesses which ensure the car’s  originality not disturbed at all.
Safe Fuels