Sequential LPG Kit Reducer
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Sequential LPG Kit Reducer

Sequential LPG Kit Reducer  

LPG or AUTOGAS is stored in the tank at a pressure of about 20 bars. The role of the Sequential LPG Kit Reducer is to reduce the pressure of the Autogas from 20 bars to 1 bars and is then fed to the Gas injectors for injection to the car’s engine in a sequence as followed by the Petrol system. When heated, LPG changes its state from Liquid to Gaseous state which can be used in the engine for combustion.  The Sequential LPG Kit reducer, EG Premo is circulated with engine coolant, thus vapourizing the liquid LPG coming from the tank so that it can be injected into the engine.

EG Premo is a compact, stable  LPG reducer from EuropeGas Poland, made for a long lasting and trouble free running on LPG. The Sequential LPG Kit Reducer is designed to sustain harsh terrains, varying climates,  impure Fuel and is suitable for engines with power up to 170 HP.

Technical Specifications :

  • Reducer integrated with solenoid valve

  • Universal filter cartridge

  • LPG gas phase heating

  • Rotary connection elbows

  • Casing made of aluminum die cast

  • Working pressure range: 0,9-1,3 bar