CNG kit or LPG kit for your car can be a tedious choice to make if you follow any unfound myths. Using either an LPG kit or a CNG kit is safe as an alternate fuels in cars. We list below some CNG kit vs LPG kit difference and comparison to help you choose the right fuel for our car.

Fixation of CNG Kit or LPG kit in your car would depend upon a couple of factors, firstly depending upon availability of the fuels in your city, for eg. places where both fuels are available in a particular city   ( like Delhi )  CNG is still cheaper over LPG.  Driving on CNG you save close to 65% or more whereas on LPG your savings are 45%.  So if you drive quite a bit and do not mind the CNG cylinder taking up your boot space ( specially in a small hatch) than CNG is a better bet. In case of LPG you also have options of installing Toroidal (donut shaped ) tanks which fits in the space of a spare wheel saving your boot space.

LPG Kit Toroidal Tank Installed in boot of a hatchback car


 LPG is available in other states like UP, UK, Punjab, Rajasthan, Chandigargh, Jammu, Gujrat, TN, AP, Kerela, WB etc etc so if you drive on highways availability of LPG is more. However, more and more  states are also increasing their  infrastructure for CNG stations. On one tank full you LPG car car stretch to 400-500 kms (approx) whereas on CNG this is limited to abou 150-200 kms.  Up North, CNG is currently available in Delhi NCR,  Agra, Lucknow, Kanpur, Barelly, Moradabad, Meerut , Mohali, Chandigargh , Kota and recently opened before  Jaipur on NH8. It’s also available in many cities of Gujrat, Mumbai, Pune, Hyderabad and also started in Bangalore. The no. of stations is on a rise for both the fuels. Infact IOCL alone has about 350 stations (ALDS) spread in 192 cities in India . Check their list at  . ALDS from Hindustan Petroleum or Bharat Petroleum are also present in number of cities in India.

So if you don’t travel on highways and want good econony, CNG kit is a better opiton, whereas if you travel intracity or on highways LPG kit makes more sense as it’s availability is widespread and also the car drives better on LPG kit as it’s in liquid state like Petrol.  One can check the list of LPG filling Stations in India from

We would like to update car owners that please do not fall in trap of myths created by quacks  about safety on both CNG kit and LPG kit which are equally safe if installed and handled in a proper manner like for any fuel. Please ensure that you get Original conversion kits which are installed by qualified and trained installers to ensure proper running and safety of your car.

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