EVO Direct Injection Sequential kits  ( NexGen Direct Injection kits – TSI / TFSI/TGDI/Ecoboost/BoosterJet engines. ) 

Evo Direct Injection NEXGEN CNG /LPG kits for DI Petrol engines  have been available for a couple of years. The conversion system are available with two different technology. One consuming NO PETROL AT ALL – mostly for Hyundai & Kia engines, and other using 5-15% Petrol unlike some systems consuming 20-30% along with CNG or LPG. 

Direct Injection engines, have placement of Petrol injectors directly to the  combustion chamber of engine instead of air intake manifold in MPFI engines. The petrol is injected at much higher pressure and injectors work at higher voltage comapred to MPFI engines, thus ECU burnout or damage to Petrol injectors can occur if such a designed ECU is not used in DI cars. At EVO we have spend years on research and development to find solution specific to the car we convert and we offer best possible solution for each engine to our customers.

Evo Direct Injection Sequential kits are engine specific and not common for all engines. It’s not possible to convert such Direct Injection Petrol engines using the normal Sequential Injection kits.

We have kits with this technology to convert GDI cars like Hyundai Venue 1.0 GDI, NIOS Turbo, i20 Turbo, Kia Sonet 1.0 GDI  for manual, DCT and IMT transmissions.

We also have solutions  for VW/Skoda  1.8 TSI (used in Superb, Laura, Jetta), 1.5 ltr , 1.2 TSI, 1.0 ltr TSI  VW / Skoda  engines including the Kushaq & Tiagun . We also have solutions  for other AUDI TFSI engines, Suzuki Baleno RS , Kia & Hyundai 1.4 GDi , Mahindra Thar, XUV700, etc etc the list is ever increasing.   For inquiring about any DI car conversion, pls speficy the engine code of the vehicle.  

The Evo Direct Injection Sequential kit has a specially designed and tested kit components ideally made for this type of conversion including the injectors and ECU to suit a dedicated engine type.

We also convert to CNG cars with Turbo charged MPFI engines. Our CNG /LPG kits are already having the feature of being able use Turbo option via the software to enable our ECU’s function effectively or Tubo equipped Petrol MPFI / Indirect engines. 

We can  convert newly launched cars like Jeep Compass with MultiAir 1.4 ltr, Nissan Magnite Turbo , Renault Kiger Turbo, MG Hector,  XUV 300 Turbo.  

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